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Kelly Jayne’s work explores the psychological material and senses of a subject from various perspectives whilst her method of delivery is through the use of paint that has been applied gesturally as though painting with feelings. Not only is Jayne’s work a direct response to her work as an Art Psychotherapist, but results from a state of mind and identity as a woman, mother and professional.

Robert Priseman, Artist - Curator and Art Collector

It was clear Kelly was incredibly skilled at handling paint and was an excellent draftswoman but more than that, for me the work embodied the fragility and viscerally of the body. There’s both a delicacy and at times almost abject quality to the work that Kelly’s use of drippy, fluid paint conjures and which for me beautifully articulates the messy and uncontrollable reality of the body.

Philippa Found - Writer, ROLLO Art Gallery and Collection Curator and Director from 2006-2012

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